Saturday, 5 April 2014

E is for E-books

When I got my phone it came with Kindle on it, so I bought a couple of e-books just to give myself something to read if I found myself stuck with a few minutes to kill. I found I was using it quite a lot, although the mobile screen was a bit small and I was very aware that it looked like I was playing with my phone when I was reading.

Last year a friend offered me a Kindle that she'd bought by mistake. I bought it from her thinking I'd use the Kindle for work to type things up and email them. Of course I knew I'd have my e-books on there, but I didn't think I'd actually use the Kindle for reading very much.

I was very, very wrong!

I had maybe 10 books on my phone, including the free ones. Now I've got about 50. It's meant I have much more chance to read. I find myself picking up the Kindle to read in breaks, sitting on the sofa at home, while I'm cooking, in bed... the only place I don't read my Kindle that I would read a paper book is in the bath - paper dries easier than electronics!

• Challenge for the day - what are your thoughts on e-books? Love them or hate them?

I'm going to be away for the next week, so my posts may be a bit sporadic. I will catch them all up!


  1. I think there are room for both, I lkie to read short stories on my phone, tech manuals are useful on my tablet. It's nice to follow and connect

  2. Oh..! I never got to read e-book in my Lumia..! Its still there lost among many documents...which i hardly open..I prefer reading a book.