Writing Blogs & Websites

The sidebar column of these was getting rather full, so they've now got their own page. If anyone has a writing blog they want to share, post in the comments.

Perilous Publishing Pub Rants - short for 'publishing rants', written by a literary agent. 
Scribbles tall tales & short stories - all things children's and YA fiction, including author interviews, agent interviews, book reviews and book giveaways. 
The Other Side of the Story - blog by fantasy author Janice Hardy. 
Write Till Your Fingers Bleed - doesn't seem to have been updated recently, but the archives are still full of useful tips and tricks. 

Other Websites 
750words.com - a place to write every day. Well worth looking at if you lack motivation to write.
A Penny's Worth  - a story a day on this blog. 
Fictional Worlds - a fantastic site with tips and hints about world building. Essential if you're writing about another world.
NaNoWriMo - this challenge will get you writing. seriously. Try it!
Preditors & Editors - essential advice for budding authors. 
Scribophile - this is the blog of Scribophile, which is a website dedicated to letting writers have their work read and critiqued by other writers. It's a great site and it's really helpful. 
The Best Place By The Fire - another story every day website. 
Write or Die - an ingenious website that threatens you with flashing screens and loud noises if you don't write for a set amount of time. Great for just getting words down on the screen.