Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Review - 101 Uses for a Dead Meerkat by Massimo Fenati

For those with a slightly black sense of humour, the “101 uses for...” series of books attempts to find things to do with, traditionally, a dead cat. But in this book the author has decided to use meerkats – one of the nation’s favourite animals in recent years.

The book is full of pictures of meerkats being used as book stands, fairground rides, clothes pegs, tent poles, spy cameras, and, rather disturbingly, as stockings. Unlike the cat books, the meerkats were coloured in, standing out from the black and white line drawings and taking away some of the fun of trying to spot the dead animal.

It was an entertaining enough book, but for the price, I couldn’t help but feel that it was just an attempt to cash in on the current craze for meerkats.

101 Uses for a Dead Meerkat by Massimo Fenati

£9.99, published by Boxtree.

ISBN 0752227924

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