Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Newspaper blackout poetry

I really enjoy reading Austin Kleon's newspaper blackout poetry. In a nutshell, you take a newspaper article and cross out words you don't want until you're left with a poem.

These are my attempts at blackout poetry using an article from the New York Times (you can see the word 'blows' that I used in both). It's fun and challenging, and as a journalist I find it quite satisfying to know that the articles I write may have a future beyond their original purpose!


  1. Wow I like those!! What an interesting idea - kind of reminds me of the second world war (second??) Where letters sent home were sensored with black markers... lol I don't really know why i thought of that but I did.

    Anyway you should do some more with lots of different newspapers :D

  2. I think you're right, it was WW2. I loved the idea of these poems when I first saw them, but they can be tricky to start with - my first attempts were rubbish!