Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A to Z Challenge Reflections Post

A short reflection on last month's challenge.

What did you enjoy about the Challenge? 
It got me blogging and made me think - it's not easy trying to find an X to write about!

What could we do better next year? 
I enjoyed it as it was - I don't think there was anything that would have improved it. I liked the challenge and the idea of visiting other people's blogs, and beyond that I don't think there needs to be anything more.

What issues did you encounter? Did you encounter many non-participants?
On a couple of blogs I went to I couldn't find a link to post a comment, which was frustrating! I didn't find any non-participants though, aside from one who had posted until about half way through the month and then posted an apologetic message explaining she wasn't going to be able to do the rest.

Theme or no theme – what seemed to work better? Did you find any great themes? 
I liked the themes but I didn't really look at any posts which weren't to do with writing, because that was what I was most interested in. I found some great blog posts under the writing theme though.

Did you have fun and will you participate again next year?
Yes and yes :)


  1. Great to hear! Nothing better than a good report to keep the A to Z Team feeling good about the Challenge. Thank you for participating in the 2013 Challenge and we look forward to seeing you back in 2014.

    If you had a Follower Widget I'd follow your blog!

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks Lee, I didn't realise I hadn't got a follower widget! That's been rectified now :)

  2. Congratulations on taking part in the challenge and for a most detailed Reflection Post.