Monday, 19 March 2012


I've managed to procrastinate over writing this blog post for a good week, so I'd better get on with it now...

I'm an expert at procrastination. If there was an Olympic event I'd miss it because I'd find something else I really needed to do before turning up. The usual suspects - YouTube and checking my mail - usually find a way to interfere when I'm on my computer, and when I'm not, somehow I always find some housework that has to be done that second.

When I give myself a deadline I find it easier to not procrastinate, but I can still get sidetracked.

The only time I find myself not distracted is it I've got an idea that absolutely must be written down - and they usually come when I'm doing something else. Like driving. It's amazing how many notes I've got on my phone voice recorder with little ideas for stories!

But I digress...

So yes, I procrastinate a lot, even when I'm trying to be focussed. I'm not sure what my best solution is, aside from sticking me in a room with a kettle, tea bags, milk and no internet connection!

(Oh, and I procrastinate by writing blog posts too....)

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