Friday, 7 October 2011

Review - Beyond This Wilderness by John Thomas

Starting out gently, this story of spooky goings-on in a village church by Christian author John Thomas make for a spine-tingling read.

Starting quietly with a series of apparently minor disturbances at a village church, Beyond This Wilderness draws in the reader before launching into its main tale of an evil which was thought long buried.

Set in a tiny village on the Welsh border, the book opens with a series of letters between the parish priest and the bishop of Shrewsbury concerning a strange series of break ins happening in the village church.

This leads into the main part of the book - a 'testament' from a former vicar of the church where he reveals what the curse that lies behind the break ins is, and explains why the teenagers who have been found in the church have been acting so oddly.

The 'testament' is written in very old fashioned language, making it less easy to read than the letters at the beginning, but the Victorian phraseology and language make the story seem more real and pull the reader into the events on the page.

Published by Twin Books in 2011, Beyond This Wilderness has an RRP of £10.55.
ISBN 978-0-9534304-6-8

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