Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Write for Japan - Generation Three

Here's a short preview of the story, Generation Three, that I've written for the Write for Japan anthology.

Zen is a teenager living on a generation ship which is travelling to a new star system where humans will create a new home.
Zen looked at the picture of herself and her family. Her dad looked out of place, his blond hair and blue eyes standing out among the Japanese features of the women in his life. For the first time Zen caught herself wondering what her life would have been like if her grandparents hadn’t decided to be part of the generation ship mission.

She went over to her bunk as the deceleration warning sounded. As she strapped herself in she noticed something white sticking out between the bunk above hers and the wall. She reached up and tugged at it, then frowned as she looked at the object in her hands. It was about the size of a small display unit, but it was made of thin pieces of... Zen hesitated for a moment, trying to remember the word from her history lessons. Of course, it was paper, and the item was a book.

Carefully, she opened the front page. It was covered in writing; some in English and some in Japanese kanji characters.

‘Oh!’ the exclamation was entirely involuntary as she recognised the name at the bottom of the page. The book was a diary, and it had belonged to her grandmother.

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