Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Non-fiction writing

With times being as they are I've been looking around for other avenues of paid writing to explore, and I came across Suite101.com.

I've heard mixed reviews from other people about this site, in particular about the amount you get paid versus the amount of work you have to put in, but I decided to give it a go.

In a nutshell, you agree to write 10 articles every three months (=40 articles a year) and in exchange you earn money every time your article is read forevermore. In my everyday work I get to interview a lot of people and visit a lot of interesting places, so I thought this site might prove an interesting and not too stressful way to earn more money as a sort of hobby income.

I'm not expecting to make a lot of money from the site, but I'm hoping it will bring in just an extra bit each month. I've heard reports from other writers of it bringing in about US$4 a week. Translated, that's about £2.50 a week, so £10 a month - not a huge amount, but enough to buy 150 miles of diesel for my car, or 48 pouches of catfood to feed my moggie - not bad for a hobby...

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